15 reasons, why is an outstanding project
    It’s just the right time for NFTs in general, the potential is so huge.
    millionpieces is not just a collection but a long lasting project that will launch artworks frequently
    The artworks are verifiably unique - a copy cannot be made for any of the artworks which are created on millionpieces as the look of the artworks can change every moment (when a User uploads a new image)
    decentralized on the blockchain - hosted on IPFS, built by smart contracts, owned by the crowd, accessible through crypto-wallet, stored forever
    absolutely scarce - 100 artworks (+ 1 initial artwork that starts everything), each consisting of 10.000 pieces / segments, making it the millionpieces project. There won’t be, can’t be any more artworks.
    every artwork will be co-created by the owners which decide about the look of the 10.000 segments by being able to upload a 10x10 px picture for the owned segment.
    an always changing artwork - if a piece gets resold, the new owner can change the look of this segment by uploading a new picture. Everyday, the look of the artwork can change, making it unique and impossible to duplicate.
    Every Artwork will be seen on an own blockchain-domain (forwarding to the specific page of the artwork on
    Every Segment in an Artwork is a NFT (non fungible token) verifying the authenticity of the Segment to be a part of the PIECE Artwork - making it a store of value
    It’s the first artwork project, where thousands of people may own and co-create a one of its kind artwork.
    Every segment will be affordable for everybody and still makes the artworks worth hundreds of thousands if not millions of USD. (e.g.: if each segment is worth 10 USD -> 10K segments * 10 USD = 100K USD worth)
    A unique distribution mechanism through a PIECE airdrop
    A unique burning mechanism of PIECE which makes every Artwork even more valuable
    A collectible ability - makes the people want owning more segments.
    A dedicated Team that will do its best to make it a success.
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