Value of PIECE, Certificates and the Artworks
The PIECE Burn / Convert Mechanism
The future “PIECE Artworks” (after the Airdrop) can only be acquired with PIECE. In fact, while the PIECE token can be traded on uniswap / dex the sole purpose of the token is to acquire a segment of the PIECE Artworks.
Every Artwork consists of 10.000 Segments. Each Segment can be acquired exactly for 1 PIECE. After the Segment has been purchased for 1 PIECE this PIECE gets locked in the Artwork forever (aka. will be burned / will be converted into the NFT). For every converted PIECE 0.1 PIECE will be unlocked of the Creators locked amount and 0.1 PIECE for the Artist.
Over time more and more PIECE get locked in Artworks (burned)
  • The circulating supply of PIECE decreases
  • The value of PIECE should increase as PIECE get more scarce
  • With increased PIECE Price the value of the Artworks and therefore for every segment / NFT Certificate should increase too, simply because in every past Artwork 10.000 PIECE were burned. Hence if the current value of PIECE will be 2x higher than the PIECE price for past Artworks, then past projects should gain in value too, if measured by current PIECE value.
But that’s just one parameter. The Community, Artists and the idea of an Artwork have a big impact on the price, of course. At the end, demand and supply make the price.
  • But Scarcity (only 100 artworks) and collaboration with great artists should push the value up
  • Every couple of weeks there would be a new PIECE artwork released which should keep the hype about the project high, resulting in higher demand and therefore greater value of NFTs
  • Knowing that every PIECE Token represents a future NFT + that with every new Artwork the supply of PIECE decreases should increase the interest in the Token, the NFTs and the whole project.
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