NFT Certificates
Own a piece of the world - certified on the blockchain
The 10,000 Segments of “World in Pieces” are spread out on 163 Countries and 20 Cities. By purchasing a Segment a beautiful designed NFT certificate will be minted for you on the ethereum blockchain, declaring your ownership of this specific Segment. The image will be uploaded via IPFS to preserve the decentralized character.
Country NFT Certificates
The Features of the Certificate are:
  • Every Segment has its own coordinates in the world. Therefore, any certificate is unique.
  • The design of the Certificate though depends on the country / city where the segment is located.
  • Smaller countries have less segments resulting in rarer NFT Certificates, e.g. Russia has 2070 segments while the UK has only 22 segments and therefore, only 22 Certificates with this same design will ever exist.
  • The Certificate will be downloadable for you as an owner in high resolution.
  • The Certificate in your wallet works as the key to upload your image for the specific segment on the world map.
Certificate Design Specs
  • Each of the 163 Country - and 20 City Certificate Designs were created thoroughly over months, starting in October 2020 with first concepts.
  • The dark grey areas with slightly brighter waves represent the surrounding water while black areas represent the surrounding land.
  • The colorful area represents the actual country / city of the segment and the golden lines some main roads.
  • The millionpieces logo and the “world” stamp give the image the typical certificate touch.
While on the web the resolution is only 600x851 px (for faster loading) the owner of a segment can download the certificate in 5000x7089 px high resolution after connecting his / her wallet to
The coordinates of the Segment are not visible on the Certificate itself but in the NFT meta data instead.
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