Purpose of PIECE
As described at the beginning the artwork “World in Pieces” is the foundation of the whole project and the requirement for distributing 1 million PIECE token to the community for the 100 future Artworks. Each Segment of the world entitles its owner for a PIECE Token Airdrop, that will take place after all 10,000 segments of “World in Pieces” have been purchased.
While you need to pay 0.1 ETH for Segments of “World in Pieces” the Segments of the future Artworks can only be acquired through PIECE Token (initially). Each Segment can be acquired for exactly 1 PIECE Token. After that the (fungible) PIECE Token will convert into a NFT Certificate for the chosen Segment (= this PIECE Token will be burned). This means that every PIECE Token you possess represents a future Segment / NFT Certificate because at the end there will be 100 Artworks with 10.000 Segments each = 1 Mio. Segments = 1 Mio. NFT Certificates which will be converted out of 1 Mio. PIECE Token. This means also that the amount of circulating PIECE will decrease over time with every launch of a new Artwork.
The acquisition of segments of future artworks will work by the first come first serve principle. Nevertheless, for every PIECE Token there will be a segment to buy in the future.
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