Co-create the World
and make your ownership visible to everybody
As an owner of a segment (verified by the NFT Certificate) you have the possibility to contribute to the artwork “World in Pieces” by uploading an image in your members-dashboard after connecting your wallet with The image will be cropped and compressed to a 10x10 px image on the world map.
example of your members dashboard (might change in the final version)
This feature enables you to co-design the look of the artwork “world in pieces” and makes you and hundred or even thousand other owners the co-creators of this Artwork. The real power behind this feature is the ever changing look of the world. You have always the ability to change the look of your segment by replacing your segment picture with another. Or you’re reselling your segment and the new owner can upload his/her own. Therefore, every day or even every hour the look of “world in pieces” can change, making it a dynamic artwork. (Please keep in mind to not upload copyrighted or offensive images, they might be removed again).
example image
On hovering over a segment will display:
  • The NFT Certificate of this segment
  • You as the owner of the segment (ETH Address + Profile Pic)
  • Your social media links and website link if you set them in your members dashboard
  • The current price of this segment (0.1 ETH if still available or the set price from the current owner)
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