The Grand Airdrop
After the last Segment of “World in Pieces” has been sold an Airdrop of 700.000 PIECE Token takes place among the owners of “the world” segments.
The distribution of the 700.000 PIECE Token depends on the sequence of the purchase:
First Purchase = 200 PIECE Token Last Purchase = 50 PIECE Token
There is a sequence of 9,980 Purchases (for 9,980 Country Segments) For the Distribution the following Formula will be used:
f(x)= round(150*0,999216459^x+50)
Hence the slope is <1, the amount of your claimable PIECE that is pegged to the purchased NFT-Certificate / Segment will decrease the later you buy your segment.
For the 20 auctioned City Segments 10,000 PIECE Tokens are reserved (500 PIECE for each City).
It is important to say that the claimable PIECE Tokens are pegged to the NFT Certificate, not to the initial purchaser. That means that the current Owner of the Segment / NFT Certificate at the airdrop event can claim the PIECE Token. If you sold your Certificate before, you cannot claim the Token.
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